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karengeier ÜT: 43.649347,-79.393491 Oh you like Bernie but you don’t like his fans? That’s how I feel about a dude named *turning a chair around and sitting on it backwards* Jesus Christ Writer & Content Strategist. Bylines @Guardian @Vice @TheCut @Medium @OnBeliefPod & @ongriefpodcast host/producer
Pastor__West Turn on my notifications Whatever is hurting you tonight, whatever stress, whatever pain, whatever frustration or relationship issues, I pray it be handled and healed; in Jesus name. Amen🙏🏾 Founder & Senior Pastor of Faith Empowered Ministries in Baltimore, MD Instagram Pastor_West Bookings: Pastor@FEMINC.church
CharlieDaniels Mt. Juliet, TN I am a child of the living God, saved and sealed by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Lets all make the day count. NEW MUSIC! ➡️ Order Charlie's books, Let’s All Make The Day Count & his memoir at
Macca_T_Kirk @Garethliddle1 I've not watched it since Jarvis popsicleer crashed Jacko's jesus impersonation and then was subsequently legally defended backstage by Neil Morrissey and Bob Mortimer. A lover of a good nap! ....and pasties
yiboexe tgcf/mdzs why are exols and atinys so horny jesus christ Calm Down #裴茗: go fast eat ass
HarikMCO Orlando, FL @naythaaann @ComradeStars Have you literally never in your life seen a hateful anti-semitic representation? You can't just point at random crap and claim it's antisemitic, it doesn't work that way. Don't portray bloomberg with a hooked nose, grabbing at coins but jesus bags of money are fine. Politics, games, some coding.
lastnamegirl follow the twisted tea caps My life plan now is to get really hot and just hang out where all the Flyers do because Jesus Christ do I love Canadians with beards kill racists, kill rapists. black lives matter. trans lives matter. I’m sad and hot and I have too much Cap in my chart to exist. she/her
toldbyAshleyKay It only 3pm, I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee, and I’m still kinda sleepy. Jesus be a line of coke 🥴 Artistic Beauty; Pablo Ashcabar
Lera2mohale Everywhere + Nowhere It’s bed time. But I’m here, doing school work, and contemplating doing squats in all of their variations. Send Jesus. be scared and do it anyway
The1010Guy1 @Prism_WG_Light Jesus said I am the Resurrection and the Life... I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father, but by me. Many ways to God , ONLY ONE WAY TO THE FATHER, Jesus the Son. Praying for you Mat 13:45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls
beth_croom @NASCARONFOX @realDonaldTrump Also my prayers r with your family. 💗🐝. Healing and good health!! In Jesus name I pray amen I am a servant for the God and Jesus. One Love. 💋💋💗💗🐝🐝🐝🐝
teriblahblah Kansas, USA @CliffVines @EmilyMCourtney @khbotkin @dan_nelson42 @timkellernyc No, but that timing is crazy!! Both the Jesus was a socialist and the Chuck E. Cheese band!! 😆😆😆 My husband wants to know if you are related to Jerry Vines - a man he greatly respects. Educator, Writer, Follower of Christ, PhD
ElShaddaifriend Indonesia Jesus came forward and said to them, “I’ve been given all authority in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 28:18) #ElShaddaifriend : Dan Injil Kerajaan ini akan diberitakan di seluruh dunia menjadi kesaksian bagi semua bangsa, sesudah itu barulah tiba kesudahannya ...
kxpx North Carolina Too much edge crap in my line of sight today - edge computing , edgelords, edging, bono and the edge, edge-r allan poe, edge of the world.. Oh jesus I just re-read that and saw edging bono and felt sick. Whiskey. Gaming. Motorcycles. Reading. Sports. Hermit to be. Cooking. Tired. Memes. He / Him
teealan @Franklin_Graham @TheJusticeDept We thank you Lord Jesus that the hidden things will be shown, and for your protection over your servants. Conservative, Christian, Retired Senior Chief, VFW X2.
Karen66045032 @InstantInPrayer Paul I am praying for you! Jesus please heal him and don’t let him have cancer! Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers! Amen amen and amen! I love you Paul! Hold on to Our Lord and Savior as you are going through this tough time! I love the Lord,and I have had Parkinson’s for 20 years and now I am doing much better thank you for Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior!
ghemz101085 Calamba City, Calabarzon Dear God, I will always be in awe when I think of how great your love for me, and everyone in this world, is. We weren’t anywhere close to righteous when you sent your Son, Jesus Christ,… I cook I play volleyball ⚽ I take snapshot Let us all Live. Laugh and Love
FTWTMPS United States @MonmouthPoll @MikeBloomberg @BernieSanders @JoeBiden @PeteButtigieg @amyklobuchar @ewarren Also, national media on Pete’s AA support for MONTHS: Blahblah and furthermore! And now on Amy, who has no AA support and still may not know who is president of our top trading partner: “She’s surging! “SWEET JESUS, KLOBUCHAR IS SURGING!”(Howard Dean scream) New Year, new pic. Beard game = on point, no? Pronouns: Hominid/Neanderthal
belonelyvol6 a break jesus i just want to see harry and cry you sunshine, you temptress | fan account
themaverickjohn Lisburn/Belfast Watching Bonus Family: Lisa's ex Martin is a bit of a dick, and her new husband Patrik is also a bit of a dick. Jesus, men are crape. Admin worker by day, Gilmore Girls & language enthusiast always. Blog about languages, sustainability, travel + more. He/him | themaverickjohn@outlook.com
likeAfrican-Americanson really kid suffering me hentai pina colada infused fentanyl and that it is jesus 🤐 north sentinel island...
whenhedied they/them @CrowleyHBIC jesus looks at every single instagram post made every single day and everyone is given/taken points on the quality of the caption i was born difficult for myself • clint barton stan • fanfic writer, horseback rider, collector, autistic, mentally ill, trans, gay • just gross and horny
StayEvolved_ Heaven Wow me and Justin Bieber got similar testimonies😦JESUS IS LORD Jesus. 100% Saved. REPENT. Romans 8:31
bcnn1 Jesus ‘Found Me in My Dirt and Pulled Me Out,’ Justin Bieber Says Breaking news from a black, Christian perspective. / The #1 black Christian internet newspaper.
MateoEscanuelas In a relationship if a person can’t submit to Jesus, they will not Submit to you. Submission means doing things Gods way and never compromising! #DontBeThirsty #BeBetter Youth Pastor of The Uprising Youth Ministry.
Dmeist Troy, ID @ForumAtheist CHRISTIANITY: The worshipful recognition that The Triune God created time, space, and matter ex nihilo to glorify Himself and set the set the stage for further self-glorification via the redemption of sinners through Christ Jesus. Christian. Husband. Father. Theologue. Musician. Sys Admin.
wamba138 Charlotte, NC @Destiny_Wasson @JudgeandJury99 @michellemalkin @KaitMarieox @jack @vijaya @TwitterSafety In this instance you fail as a human. Jesus Christ taught to love your enemy. Hopefully you will confess and repent Conservative curmudgeon, Cleveland fan, Charlotte fan, Catholic apologist
Bobby__Bill Charlottesville, VA @AbuItah I actually wouldn't call Dr. Erhman an "extreme" liberal skeptic anymore, especially with his two works "Did Jesus Exist?" and "The Triumph of Christianity" ✝️&👨‍👩‍👧; INTJ. Interested in interfaith dialog & across-aisle politics. Asking honest Qs; always up for a convo 😃. Tweets = ❄ takes 😉; RT/❤️≠👍
MotoyosiAwosusi Nigeria They argued with Jesus too. Like. The Logos of God stood among them and they argued. Know this and know peace. It comes with the terrain. Mo. Laughist. Emmisary. Metamorph. League of The Light.. 5:17
MagetasticV @ozzLMT @EricB27368318 @OpenBoo31327615 @BernieSanders @realDonaldTrump That's unbelievably stupid. Basically you just admitted that God is an abusive control freak that you have to either obey or get punished. If any of this crap is real I'd gladly join satan and the anti christ in the fight against the second coming. I'd kill jesus again myself nerd, mage, Dragonforce fan, i like a the ladies and am a fan of the man.
Maya_mohamadali Stop being so god damn critical of what people look like and how they choose to present themselves. Jesus yo we’re in 2020 let people live I tweet whatever comes to mind
scottvandyke123 Palm Springs, CA Seriously... I can’t even close it and keeps hitting my elbow. Stop Jesus Christ. @americanairlines be better #EP #americanairlines Commercial Photographer / Co Owner of Digital Media Company Dog Lover
MightyPeculiar @ryder_joy @nwi David Hyles and Co...you forgot to follow Jesus: "Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison." - Matthew 5:25 THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS ⚖️ she judged Him faithful Who hath promised! Daughter of The King, Wife to Justin, Mother of 4 littles, Sister to who do His Will
wrightderek3 Ashland City, TN @toriladybuguk @mattgaetz You do know Jesus said in the scriptures you will find me right? You think shepherds and fishermen could write 66 books over a couple of thousand years apart and never contradict each other? You think men could see the future hundreds of times and write it down? Pastor of Unity Covenant Church
veniteo United States @T_Slothrop_Esq @jay224466 @BicentennialJo2 @letissue88 @Heyygirlfriend @WilBaneDesign @BadAim2048 @The_Cat_Jesus @bryanbehar @DNC Says the 'sanders has done nothing' Stan lmao. The idea that russians hacked the DNC is misinformation. No evidence for your claims, and no, an ICA is not evidence. If you have to fight your representatives, they aren't your representatives. Libertarian Socialist. Blunt Asshole. #HandsOffVenezuela #Bernie2020 #BernieorBust
lacreshahall Vancouver, British Columbia @ChristLawmakers I’m a Christian and I said no. Evangelicals have been bastardizing the word of God. I’m sure Jesus is NOT impressed. Board Certified Child, Adolescent, Adult, Addiction & Forensic Psychiatrist, here for the sanity and insanity. #women #medicine #bossdocs/ΔΣΘ/🇺🇸🇨🇦
WmManry Earth @donholtmac @surgerysleeper @boysek @commonsensejan @imkimaaron @carlsmythe @michellmybell1 @tklforgiven @HaircutSpock @Jesus_is_G_d @twatterfull @USAF_Eternally @TConabike @MBashwood @geraldpayne25 @JerryHelton14 @RJDownard @PeterFi98279139 @Melbajapan @TedPerkins10 @orna_verum @heart3626 @2Cents69 @PaulDubuisson @Nat1Newf @ScientiaPercept @Obi_Primary @Cant_Read_Maps @bonecollector48 @TertiusIII @umfpt @Loriniowa @GarrettClive @citizenscienti3 @fixedintime @LeannEAF @MPloughboy @jstrakerj @mattbrown590 @ShellyMcgough @hauxton @LisaMcC24278047 @SoulFireMage @atheeism @TakeThatEpi @054durin @truthshoes @LibertyDrunk @StandBackUp2 @MsHella3000 The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale of Three Brothers — Criticizes "unfair" progressive taxation, via a strawman that isn't even that convincing. So yes, Id say for the most part, PragerU's videos are indeed wrong, and bullcrap. Soul of a Chogokin, Mind of an Autistic, Spirit of Hokuto all in 1. #LGBT. NonBinary. They/Them.
lightacandle2 USA @JamesLo52170255 @lklfaith @angel46615 So Jesus Christ combines His name (Jesus) with His title (Christ), meaning Jesus/the anointed One or Jesus/the chosen One. Jesus is His human name as announced to Mary by the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:31), and Christ is His title, as the chosen, anointed Son of God. Trump supporter, wife of wonderful AF veteran, daughter, sister, patriot
Varri8 Texas, USA @Octo_Boii @NintendoAmerica And by the way that tweet was you just at you. that tweet is for everybody that keeps asking about New Horizon quit it Jesus Christ new day new life... also my THE DAY OF MY rebirth
MPacleanu @KaitMarieox @ohiou Are they all going to crap themselves? That's a great opportunity to stop talking about Jesus and talk about your bowel movements man!
SportsDespatch UK 14: PSG whip in a corner, Dortmund clear it and break with electric pace with Sancho! The youngster takes it on and on before opting to shoot at the edge of the box but drags the shot wide. Jesus that boy is QUICK! 0-0 #BVB #PSG #BVBPSG #UCL TSD gives real fans the chance to share their opinions on the sports we all love, as well as the odd bit banter here and there. #RealFansRealOpinions⚽️🏈🏀⚾️
costellodaniel1 Open to Expat Extraction Roles @allenlafrance @cme_mec These guys haul 90% of the export trade in Canada, a commercial cartel. Sure hope there's a whole lot of Come to Jesus moments in those Bomba jets. #CancelTheIranDeal #EDC close down that #IDB and declassify all of your transactions. What have you got hide? Where is #ZSOAK? Int'l Trade Research & Marketing SME: MIB, Sydney Business School (AACSB), UOW PGC Research Commercialization, QUT, seek training leadership role Asia or Arabia
CauseIC89122812 🇺🇸 Northwest, GA 10 so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2 Family Man,Work’n Man,Church Man, Sinner saved by the Grace of God in Christ Jesus;Ephesians chp 2.
OvertheTop844 Baltimore, MD @realDonaldTrump Waaaaa waaaaa waaaa baby Trump. Always never doing anything wrong himself.Just so perfect.That Trump too like Jesus walks on water changes wine into Horse Piss and spews flames out his Arzz like the Great Dragons & Kings of Old. Yes..he is god Jr. Doing what he feels cause he can OTT is WWE Fans looking to have a unique Sports entertain Bar 4 Baltimore & seek investor(s) Follow OTT & WWE & All Wrestling/ 4 All Sports Fan Polls🤼🏒🏈⚾️🏀
Haderlie23mh Los Angeles, CA BEING BORN AGAIN HOW TO BE BORN AGAIN? JESUS said YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN BY THE WATER AND THE SPIRIT! IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AND RECEIVE THE HOLY GHOST WITH THE EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES! There is no getting around it!This is BIBLE TRUTH! it's the only way to be saved I'm a God fearing woman ,Apostolic Pentecostal UPCI ONE GOD Bible Truth believer. German /Irish - Mexican American. Mother and grandmother. I'm for Trump 100%!
samianniepratt Jesus and tacos are a great combo 🌮 Kylo if you come back as a force ghost I’ll be here😉
thelifefm Living Life Together Jesus is Wonderful by CT and Becky Townsend on WHQA: Honored to accept the Dove Award for Southern Gospel Radio Impact. America's largest Southern Gospel radio group. #thelifefmnetwork
troydcharleston Los Angeles, CA I think the whole “no man knows the day nor the hour part” of the Bible was talking about death not Jesus coming back...but I get it, ya pastor had a GED and was led by the “Spirit”s reign making maven in the making...
wellsjenn1313 Birmingham, AL Of all of my dreams and the things that come true.. I’ve looked at my future And all that I’ve wanted to do ...is only to be with you. ~Jesus #Judah #TheLion #TrueLove #Jesus I was given this life because I am strong enough to live it 💪